Survival Looks Good on You

I saw this on Facebook this morning and I really liked it.  Let us all hope that one day we can wear our survival gracefully.  Thank you all for surviving and standing with me as I try.  I am standing with all of you. Have a great week everyone!


A Roller Coaster of Emotions

Happiness, terror, sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, relief, a bit of nausea…that sums up my weekend.  Coupled by quite a bit of excitement and disappointment.

photo credit: Ben Hodgson via photopin cc

photo credit: Ben Hodgson via photopin cc

No, I did not ride the newest coaster at Cedar Point (although I would really love to do that!) I got together all of my courage and I told my mother about my rape.  After 32 years. More

Chicago Bound! (Probably!)

Well, Mr. OneWoman gave the financial go ahead to my Chicago trip.  Apparently there is indeed enough money in the bank to finance a short trip!  I am very excited to go see the Monument Quilt when it stops in Chicago next week.  I think it will be an extremely emotional trip, but one I need to take.

There is one very large snag in the plan. More

Prayers For My Students

Well, the heavens opened up last night and it was not pretty. Thank God, we had no flooding at the OneWoman household…I have been there, done that, and don’t want to do it again!

As I sat in my nice dry home last night, though, my Facebook feed was a non-stop deluge of posts about flooded basements, flooded streets, cars underwater, More

The Monument Quilt

Summer, as always, is rushing by and the back-to-school feeling is calling to me. I am trying hard to resist it, but it’s getting stronger! I am hoping to get in one last hurrah before the school bell rings.

The Monument Quilt

This popped up on my Facebook feed the other day, and it’s been gnawing at me. Things that gnaw at me like this usually force me into action. My brain is very annoying that way. More on this in a minute.

The Monument Quilt is a project that allows rape survivors to share their stories on quilt squares to be displayed outdoors for people to read. The quilt is touring More

You Don’t Have to Try

This has been floating around Facebook, so many of you have probably already seen it.  But it is definitely worth viewing.

As women, we are continually given messages–both spoken and tacit–that we need to be better.  More beautiful.  Thinner.  Perfect.  Our hair should shine, our smiles should be bright, our makeup flawless.  All while we have 2.5 perfect children, get a master’s degree, and run our own business.

Yep, no problem.  I can do that!

I know amazing, talented, bright women who refuse to leave the house unless they are made up perfectly, their hair done, and dressed for success.  This is to go to the grocery store.

I called my mother recently to see More


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Proud to Be a Failing Teacher

I beg your indulgence and forgiveness as I step away from my usual topics and post about my other life…my passion for teaching.

Teaching has not been a fun place to be in recent years.  Don’t get me wrong…I love it and truly cannot imagine doing anything else with my life.  But the public narrative has become one that vilifies all teachers and makes us out to be incompetent, greedy, lazy, and almost criminally negligent.  I hope that most of you know this cannot be farther from the truth.

In this video, Joshua Katz eloquently gives voice to the frustration that I hear every day in the teachers’ lounge.  Frustration that America has handed our public schools over to testing companies and for-profit charter schools while simultaneously attempting to completely sweep the far-reaching effects of poverty under the rug.  Poverty is too vast a problem, too fearsome to overcome. Blaming the teachers is all too easy.

I teach one block north of the border of one of the poorest cities in the nation. 100% of the students in my school receive free or reduced lunch.  Poverty is part of the daily routine of my life.  I am knee-deep in it every day and I see its realities, not the “welfare queen” myth of poverty that abounds among my suburban, middle class neighbors.

My school is a failing school.  By virtue of working there, I am a failing teacher. I must be incompetent, sayeth the pundits. More

Never Broken

Never Broken


Time Heals All Wounds?



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