Marriage Equality in Michigan!


For those who may not have noticed, I am quite a bleeding-heart liberal.  Contrary to what my conservative friends believe, I come by these liberal leanings because of my deep Christian faith.  I am continually surprised at the attitudes of my more fundamentalist friends.  I cannot believe that we take such differing views by reading the same scriptures.

Quite simply, my faith tells me to love my God and to love all people.  It’s just that simple.  Love all people.  Care for all people, especially those who are marginalized by society.  That’s it.

My home state has taken a drastically conservative turn and has given me little to be proud of lately.  Michigan is the home of More

Happy Pi Day Everyone!


One of the joys of having a son who is a mathematician is that I know what Pi Day is and can actually recite many digits of Pi.  I do not need or desire to have this information in my head, but there it is!!  My son wished me happy Pi Day today.

So here is my post…no rape, no abuse, no trauma.

Just pie!

Go forth and eat some pie in honor of my brilliant mathematical child :)


It was a stunning day today.  Spring finally looked as if it might someday appear.  It was 54 degrees today!  54!!!!  That is a number that was unfathomable just a week ago.  The sun was shining.  The children at school were able to actually go outside for recess and run amok for a few glorious minutes.  I was able to venture into the great outdoors without gloves for the first time in months.  I had a good day at work and was ready for a nice calming evening.

I was not ready for another sneak attack of PTSD, right at the end of the work day.  More

I Love Someone Who’s Rare :)

Here it is, after midnight again.  I often find myself writing at this time of night.  Who knows why?

This fact makes me officially a day late for this post, but I truly wanted to share.  Friday was World Rare Disease Day.  I have two dear friends who “celebrate” this day.  One is an adult with a disease called TTP that has almost taken her life and left her with lifelong symptoms.  Another is a friend whose beautiful daughter has Joubert Syndrome, a very rare genetic disorder.  I believe something like 600 people in the world have it.


These rare diseases do not get the huge media attention that other diseases get…breast cancer, heart disease, diabetes, leukemia.  There are no huge donations going to fund research for them because they affect so few people.  This means that the chances of finding a cure are much smaller for these rare diseases.  But the people who have them are just as deserving as those with more highly publicized disorders.

The Global Genes Project unifies these diseases into one entity and helps promote awareness for all of them.  Their symbol is a blue denim “genes” ribbon, because so many of these diseases are genetically based.  I’m wearing mine :)  According to their website:

“While individual rare diseases have small patient populations, collectively the rare disease community is larger than the AIDS and Cancer communities combined.  Despite its size, the community lacks of a unified voice, as only 15% of  rare diseases have organizations or foundations providing support or driving research.

It is estimated that 95% of all rare diseases do not have a single FDA approved drug treatment, and there are currently less than 400 treatments approved by the FDA  for the nearly 7000 rare diseases which have been identified. According to estimates from the NIH, it will take 10,000 years at the current rate of FDA drug approvals to find therapies for all people suffering from rare and genetic diseases.”

It is a worthy organization that brings funding and advocates for these special people and gives them hope of finding a cure–in less than 10,000 years.  I hope you will take a moment to look into it.


I Write Because…


Writing terrifies me.  I have always felt the need and desire to write.  I have always kept little scraps of thoughts and sentences tucked away in corners of my closet, hidden from view.  Words fill my days and nights.  They dance off the page when I read and literally make me smile and laugh out loud.  The perfectly crafted sentence I see in a piece of literature fills me with awe and drives my need to write.  I cannot not write.

But for years, More

The Silent Sisters


I had to share this wonderful post from “22 going on 33“. It is stated just perfectly and explains how harmful the silence is for survivors of rape, incest, abuse.

Originally posted on 22 going on 33:



Forced, coerced, shameful. Voices shocked, choked, suppressed.


It wasn’t until I broke my silence with a whisper into the ether of the blogosphere that I discovered how very, very many other women were walking in silence beside me. 

We have been molested by family members, assaulted by strangers, raped by once-trusted lovers. And like a silent sisterhood, we cloister ourselves and self-flagellate within the cold stone walls of our minds, while ensuring the world does not ever, ever find out about our shame, our filth, our perversions. We carry the weight of silence, sometimes for decades, and it becomes a part of us.

Silence feels like the only way to survive.

But it isn’t.

It’s Hell.

Because while we remain silent to the outside world, inside our souls are screaming. The torment we endured from our assailants is magnified and repeated over and over and over again by own…

View original 362 more words

Advice for the Loved Ones of Rape Survivors

In the wake of Sunday’s piano debacle, I did a lot of internet searching Monday about PTSD, anxiety, and panic attacks.  It took all day for me to shake the effects of the morning.  This is such a common problem, not just among rape survivors, but for people in general. More

Panic in Unexpected Places

The delightful thing about PTSD, panic attacks, anxiety disorders, and the like, is how they can sneak up on you out of the blue and without warning.  It’s very unsporting of them.  One should be given a fair shake when trying to deal with one’s demons, I believe. Today was one of those days.  We awoke to a lovely blanket of snow.  It was light and fluffy, very pretty, and deceptively slippery.  Mr. OneWoman and I sighed and said, “Ugh, not more snow!”  But we brushed off the car and headed off to church like the troopers we are.  We’re used to this winter nonsense, even though this year has been particularly wintry. More

This Valentine’s Day is for Saying Goodbye to Loved Ones

Well, it certainly hasn’t been a traditional Valentine’s Day.  We had to say goodbye to a dear family friend.  Funerals and Valentine’s Day usually don’t mix.  But our pastor reminded us that on a day of love, it is very fitting to celebrate the life of one we loved. More

Choosing to Have a Good Day


It’s been a good day.  It started with a great observation from my principal, which has had me stressed all weekend.  It moved on to some great collaborative work with a colleague of which I’m very proud.  Dinner out with Mr. OneWoman–always delicious!  Ending with a late evening workout and curling up on the couch to watch TV, exhausted, but in a good way.  Very satisfying all around. More

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