“I am tired of the silence”

I borrowed this video from my friends over at Opt4.  It shows how men rarely have to even think about the possibility of being raped.  Some of them even laughed when asked what they did to protect themselves from rape, or seemed baffled by the question.  But the women all had numerous strategies and often elaborate plans for how to avoid rape.  This shouldn’t be.  Watch it all through to see the appalling stats about rape worldwide.  One in six US women will be raped in their lives (about 17%).  But 6 out of 10 women globally will experience sexual violence.  That’s 60% folks.  Unbelievable.  And 97% of rapists will never spend a day in jail.  Let that number really sink in.


I agree…I am tired of the silence.  Are you?


Apparently, it takes a politician to make me so angry I feel compelled to post for the first time this month!  Well, that may be the only good thing to come of Todd Akin’s recent comments.  I will come back to Mr. Akin in a minute.  But first, the post I was actually attempting to write before I had ever heard Mr. Akin’s name…a simpler, less trigger-filled time.

In my last several posts, I have spoken about the emotions I have felt surrounding my rape.  Of these, anger is the one that seems to keep cropping up over and over.  It’s powerful, it’s natural, it’s justified, and it simply won’t go away no matter how many years pass.  Anger, during and immediately after the rape, can be a powerful motivator.  It can lead you to fight back.  It can lead you to contact the proper authorities and seek justice.  But it is an emotion with two sides.  More

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