Milestones :)

I love checking the blog stats…it’s fun for me!  This blog is a work of love.  I never believed anyone would read it at all.  I can’t tell you how excited I was to get that first comment and that first follower!  I now have 30 followers and over 600 views.  This is tiny compared to other blogs, but it’s monumental for me.  My heart is full 🙂

A “letter” from a rapist to Conservative politicians

I read this today:  “A Fan Letter to Certain Conservative Politicians“, written by John Scalzi.  John warns that the letter will be triggery and does an excellent job of moderating the comments, realizing that such a topic is likely to lead to very upsetting comments.

John’s “letter” is told from the fictional point of view of a rapist, thanking that particular new breed of politician who seem to be bending over backward to take away the rights of women.  He focuses on how rape is a crime of power and control, and how the policies of these politicians are actually giving the rapists more control over their victims.  It’s obviously a satire, but it’s spot on. More

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