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My last post was about the guilty verdict in the Steubenville rape case.  I saw a recurring train of thought in the comments sections of many online news sources.  This was the alcohol theme.  It’s an old and disturbing theme…girl gets drunk, girl goes with boys, certainly it’s the girl’s fault for being drunk in the first place.  I have some thoughts…

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The defense attorneys in this case used the argument that this girl never explicitly said no.  And that this implied consent.  Huh??  Yes, the girl was so very intoxicated that she was unable to walk, was unconscious at points in the evening.  The trolls online agree that this drunkenness implies consent, even to the point of “asking for it”. More

Steubenville Rape Verdict

I have to add my two cents to the many, many articles and blogs I’ve read in the last two days regarding the guilty verdict in the Steubenville rape case. I was relieved when the guilty verdict was returned, as I have followed this case ever since the beginning.

That being said, I was dismayed at the media coverage that I have seen.  And even more so at the comments by readers that followed this coverage.  Overwhelmingly, the media coverage seemed to dwell on the “promising careers” of the young men involved and the lasting impacts that this decision will have on their lives.  I have read many articles on many mainstream news sources, and I have yet to see more than a mere mention of the victim and the lasting impact this event will have on her life. More

Broadblogs does an excellent job of showing the process of how a man “grooms” a woman for abuse. There are many aspects of Shane and Maggie’s relationship that I can relate to. She goes on to list some signs of an abuser: charm, jealousy, isolation, emotional abuse, control. Again, these were all present in my situation. It’s an important read.



It’s not often – if ever – that you can witness a man grooming a woman to accept battering. We now have a visual record of how one man attempted it. And it may help to warn women away from potential abusers.

Sara Naomi Lewkowicz, a grad student at Ohio University, had planned to study the stigma of being an ex-convict. While at a local Corn Festival she spotted a tattoo-covered man who was gently cuddling a cute little girl. She approached and asked him and his girlfriend if she could photograph them over a period of time for her project, and they agreed.

Our photographer had met the couple only about a month after they’d gotten together. Two and a half months later she photographed Shane as he battered Maggie in their home. And she had already amassed a photographic record of how he had groomed her for…

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