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Hi there! Today, I have a quick plug and a request. We all have to stand together in this mess. This young woman has made a video to get a scholarship to help her in her schooling. She would like to use her degree to help survivors of rape and sexual abuse. What a great career goal! I had scholarships all through college.  Both of my sons are enjoying large scholarships.  As a parent, I cannot tell you what a Godsend this money is.  A private college can cost over $40,000 a year.  A year!!  And public universities aren’t that far behind.  My youngest son’s “cheap” public university is going to cost almost $20,000 each year.  Follow the link and vote for her video. Let’s give her a hand and help our fellow survivors in the process.

Scholarship Video for Lindsey

(I had to “like” the page on Facebook in order to see it.  You will need a Facebook account to vote, I would imagine)

Quote of the Day



We Are Winning

A fellow survivor wrote this on a message board I follow.  It really struck me and went right to my heart.  Her words of encouragement were just what I needed to hear that day, and she graciously gave me permission to share them with you on my blog.  I hope they bring you comfort.

“This is something I wrote and wanted to share with all of you, from my heart, with love and acceptance.

If you are reading this, you are winning.

You are winning the hardest battle that you have faced, and that is to simply stay alive. You have come through a nightmare and survived. You are a warrior of strength and courage. You have a story worth telling. More

Why do you write?

(Sorry…this one’s a little long!  Bear with me please.)

I was chatting with some fellow survivors the other day and the talk turned to writing about our experiences with rape and sexual abuse. A few of us mentioned that we had blogs or had written stories.  One person asked, “Why do you write?  Does it help in your healing process?  And how exactly?”  I wasn’t sure how to answer just then, but the question has been stuck in my mind ever since.

11971016621129282895kobo_Style_pen_svg_med Why do I write about these disturbing events? More


I have a large scar running across my abdomen. Whenever I see it, I am reminded of the day my youngest son was born.  It reminds me of pain and fear, and of unbearable joy and love.  I almost died that day, and had three surgeries, all done through the one incision that caused that scar.  It was the scariest day of my husband’s life.  But it brought the tremendous blessing of our beautiful son.  I would not give up that scar.  More

Great Resource

Hi, just a quick post tonight to share an unbelievable resource I just found. You may already know about it, but it’s new to me.

After Silence is a website dedicated to helping survivors of rape and sexual abuse. It has a message board and chatrooms.  The forums are broken down into all different types of categories.  There are special boards for women, men, young and “more mature” survivors.  There are boards for specific types of abuse–date rape, stranger rape, abuse by a family member, etc.  There are spots to share your story, if you so desire. More

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