This is just awesome in so many ways.

This video is a TED talk from Ash Beckham.  She is discussing coming out of the closet.  But she points out that we all live in closets, they are just different kinds of closets.  Anything that involves a hard conversation is a closet–telling someone you have cancer, confessing to having an affair, admitting that you are going bankrupt.

Telling someone you have been raped.

Watch the whole video.  There’s so much in it that applies to absolutely all of us, not just gay and lesbian people.  Ash says that her closet has rainbow-colored walls.  I guess mine has teal-colored walls.

She tells us that living in any kind of closet is not something that you can keep up.  That it’s damaging to you in so many ways.  Mainly because it is denying who you really are.

She has some really amazing quotes: “You are speaking your truth.  Never apologize for that…Never apologize for who you are.”

This blog has been my first baby steps out of my closet.  And it’s been so very scary.  I agree with her that living with the stress of denying part of your story is so bad for you.  I am inching closer and closer to the door of my closet.  But the walls are very thick, made of titanium encased in concrete.  I guess one day I’ll have to throw that grenade.

I encourage all of you to come out of your closets.  At least to one person.  Someone you can trust.  Who will accept you for who you really are, no matter who that is.


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  2. Sheree Martin
    Nov 07, 2013 @ 22:27:43

    I just saw your post in the NaBloPoMo comments and randomly decided to click on it. Serendipity or irony or fate. I just shared a closet-opening moment buried inside my post for today. I’ve talked about it privately with a few close friends, but never written about it publicly using my real name. It’s interesting how these things happen. Best to you in your own quest to open the doors to your closet. Cheers.


  3. BroadBlogs
    Nov 08, 2013 @ 12:29:46

    Audre Lorde said that when she was facing cancer and not sure she would live she looked back on her life and said the things she most regretted were her silences. Your post makes me want to blog on this topic myself. Thanks so much for sharing. Inspiring.


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