Bursting With Pride!

What an amazing end to a stressful week!

My week consisted of meeting after meeting, due dates for huge referral packets for school and term projects for the class I am taking, all topped off by my fun-filled jury duty experience.  It’s been longer than long.

But today I watched my son process into the auditorium where he last sat as an incoming freshman during the Opening Convocation at his college.  He sang his last song as part of his college choir.  And then he walked across the stage, shook hands with his college President, and received his Bachelor of Science degree.  Two degrees, actually…one just wasn’t enough for him!

Summa Cum Laude.

Phi Beta Kappa.

There were bagpipes, people!

His four years of college have taken him to France, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.  He has learned to speak a foreign language fluently, navigate a foreign country on his own, solve unbelievably challenging mathematical equations, and discuss string theory with brilliant physicists.  It’s been quite a ride.  I still cannot believe this is the tiny 6 pound boy that I brought gingerly home from the hospital 21 years ago.  I was afraid he would break, he was so small.  And now look at all that he has accomplished.

I love him dearly, and I have never been more proud of him!

Cookie update!


I just wanted to post a quick note for my regular readers. It is an update on my Father’s Day Cookie post of June.

While Father’s Day cookies were a bit bittersweet and angst-ridden, it turns out that “My Baby Graduated from High School and Now I’m Throwing him a Big Party” cookies are full of smiles and joy!  No flour, eggs, or vanilla were injured in the making of these festive cookies.  Although, I must say it was a whole lot easier to make 2 dozen cookies for one father-in-law than it is to make 15 dozen cookies for a large, but happy, mob of friends and family.

The weather report looks perfect…80 and sunny, with none of the horrible thunderstorms we’ve endured all week.  Congratulations go out to my college-bound son, (cum laude, mind you, and with a hefty college scholarship–Praise the Lord!) And please send all your positive energy to me, his sleep-deprived mom, who hopes to make it through the graduation party festivities tomorrow!

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