The Australian Army Chief rocks!

I have to say, I saw this today, and this guy is awesome.  I wish we were hearing more officers like this in the US.  All I hear about the sexual assaults in our military is excuses, dismissals, and spin.  This is what we need.

In no uncertain terms, he condemns this type of behavior, tells soldiers that it is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated in the Australian Army.  He says it goes against all of their values and tells them to leave if they disagree.  He rocks!

Thank you Mr. President!



A “letter” from a rapist to Conservative politicians

I read this today:  “A Fan Letter to Certain Conservative Politicians“, written by John Scalzi.  John warns that the letter will be triggery and does an excellent job of moderating the comments, realizing that such a topic is likely to lead to very upsetting comments.

John’s “letter” is told from the fictional point of view of a rapist, thanking that particular new breed of politician who seem to be bending over backward to take away the rights of women.  He focuses on how rape is a crime of power and control, and how the policies of these politicians are actually giving the rapists more control over their victims.  It’s obviously a satire, but it’s spot on. More

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