The Hunting Ground

CNN is airing the documentary, “The Hunting Ground” tonight at 8:00. It’s about sexual assault on college campuses. I am about to watch it. I’ll let you know my thoughts afterward.



One in five women will be raped during the course of their lifetime.  This is a statistic I have seen over and over since I started this blog and began learning more about rape.  I’ve had almost two years to really let that statistic sink in.  In order to wrap my head around what that number actually represented, I started trying to picture it.  I started by looking at the groups around me.  What would one in five women look like in my world? More

Poetry that tears the soul

It’s been an incredibly busy week. Busy in a wonderful way, but busy nonetheless. I finally had a chance to go through the 98 emails that were in my inbox and found this clip on Unladylike Musings.  It’s slam poetry and this man’s passion and words went right to my heart.  I was in tears before it was over.  Very powerful stuff.

(Trigger warnings as usual)

Rape Worldwide

(I should put a special trigger warning on this one.  This information is very distressing, especially to survivors.)

I found a very interesting site today called WomanStats.  The site has so very much information about the status of women worldwide that I have only begun to read it.  But I was fascinated by the maps they provide, giving a clear visual picture of the conditions that women live under in various countries of the world.  I highly recommend that you spend some time perusing the site.  It’s extremely informative. More




A Note About Consent…

My last post was about the guilty verdict in the Steubenville rape case.  I saw a recurring train of thought in the comments sections of many online news sources.  This was the alcohol theme.  It’s an old and disturbing theme…girl gets drunk, girl goes with boys, certainly it’s the girl’s fault for being drunk in the first place.  I have some thoughts…

(photo source)

The defense attorneys in this case used the argument that this girl never explicitly said no.  And that this implied consent.  Huh??  Yes, the girl was so very intoxicated that she was unable to walk, was unconscious at points in the evening.  The trolls online agree that this drunkenness implies consent, even to the point of “asking for it”. More

Steubenville Rape Verdict

I have to add my two cents to the many, many articles and blogs I’ve read in the last two days regarding the guilty verdict in the Steubenville rape case. I was relieved when the guilty verdict was returned, as I have followed this case ever since the beginning.

That being said, I was dismayed at the media coverage that I have seen.  And even more so at the comments by readers that followed this coverage.  Overwhelmingly, the media coverage seemed to dwell on the “promising careers” of the young men involved and the lasting impacts that this decision will have on their lives.  I have read many articles on many mainstream news sources, and I have yet to see more than a mere mention of the victim and the lasting impact this event will have on her life. More

A “letter” from a rapist to Conservative politicians

I read this today:  “A Fan Letter to Certain Conservative Politicians“, written by John Scalzi.  John warns that the letter will be triggery and does an excellent job of moderating the comments, realizing that such a topic is likely to lead to very upsetting comments.

John’s “letter” is told from the fictional point of view of a rapist, thanking that particular new breed of politician who seem to be bending over backward to take away the rights of women.  He focuses on how rape is a crime of power and control, and how the policies of these politicians are actually giving the rapists more control over their victims.  It’s obviously a satire, but it’s spot on. More

“I am tired of the silence”

I borrowed this video from my friends over at Opt4.  It shows how men rarely have to even think about the possibility of being raped.  Some of them even laughed when asked what they did to protect themselves from rape, or seemed baffled by the question.  But the women all had numerous strategies and often elaborate plans for how to avoid rape.  This shouldn’t be.  Watch it all through to see the appalling stats about rape worldwide.  One in six US women will be raped in their lives (about 17%).  But 6 out of 10 women globally will experience sexual violence.  That’s 60% folks.  Unbelievable.  And 97% of rapists will never spend a day in jail.  Let that number really sink in.


I agree…I am tired of the silence.  Are you?

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